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  • Why should I attend Moorish State University?

    MSU is the only University where students will begin to familiarize and internalize law and procedures in a practical way.

  • How long will it take me to complete courses at MSU?

    The courses at MSU are designed for all styles of learning. Students are able to move at their own pace to ensure each student is learning based on his/her's own unique way.

  • Does the Moorish State University assist students with the Naturalization Process?

    Yes, MSU is the only university that is approaching the Naturalization process on a practical bases. Our classes are designed to assist students with knowing legality and procedures to ensure competency in their personal and professional affairs.

  • Is the Barber Intelligence Program being offered at MSU?

    Yes, the Barber Intelligence Program is being offered at Moorish State University.

  • Who is eligible for the Barber Intelligence Program?

    Veterans and their eligible dependents are eligible for enrolling in this training and education program.

  • Is the Barber Intelligence Program part of the Veterans Affairs?

    Yes, The Barber Intelligence Program is a United States Department of Veterans Affairs educational benefits program in the State of Arizona, in accordance with Section 3687, Title 38, United States Code.

  • Is Barber Intelligence Program a State Approved Program?

    Yes, Barber Intelligence Program thru the Moorish State University is an approved program based on the Arizona Apprenticeship Office, Program No. 2018-AZ-71835, provisions of Title 10 and 38, U.S.C., and on the standards of Arizona State Approving Agency (Arizona Department of Veterans Services)

  • What are the requirements to become Naturalized thru MSU? When should I apply to MSU?

    To complete the Naturalization process every student must complete all required Course. MSU uses a rolling admission process that allows for flexible time frame. MSU typically recommends that students start their steps for enrolling in December and January. It may take a few weeks to receive a full admission decision once all requested materials are received. Although there are no "hard" deadlines to apply to MSU, there are a few priority dates to keep in mind for students who would like to maximize their opportunity for financial aid.

  • What are the required Course at MSU?

    The required courses of MSU are Introduction to MSU Course, Be it known and enacted Course, A Divine Warning Course, Nationality and Naturalization Course. These courses are all mandatory courses no matter what courses you sign me up for.